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The latest from the Iacon One Staff:

July 14, 2006
Thanks, Non-Attendee Packs and Souvenir Updates, and Lost-and-Found Stuff! Read More....

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The latest Datatrax from the Iacon One Staff:

June 6, 2006
Check out two new Datatrax -- both are TFU Profiles. Who are the characters? Read More....

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Iacon One
Where Things Are Not What They Seem...

July 7-8, 2006
Grand Wayne Convention Center
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Featuring Special Guests:

Voice-Over Artists/Actors
Venus Terzo
David Sobolov
Scott McNeil

Comics Writer/Editor/Illustrator
Bob Budiansky

Comics Illustrator
Don Figueroa

Thanks for attending Iacon One 2006! Non-Attendee Packs will be sent out shortly, and stay tuned for the opening of the Iacon One Store! Read on for more information.

Dealer Room Q&A Panels with Guests
Autographs Souvenirs
MSTF Fan Parody Fan Art Exhibit and Contest
Games and Giveaways Charity Auction
"Golden Disk Awards" Dinner Event
- Guests, entertainment, and souvenirs (limited seating)
Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Special Event
- Featuring Beast Wars cast members (limited seating)

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The Golden Disks!

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The Stasis Lock Group is headed up by Malin Huffman, with help from Phil Zeman and additional support from a number of our friends; long-time Transformers fans who have been involved with the TF fandom practically as long as it's been around.

As children, we loved Transformers: The Movie back in 1986; as adults, our love of the Transformers mythology was rekindled with the arrival of the "Beast Wars" toyline and TV show in 1996.

So we've decided to throw a little celebration, give something charitable back to the community, and invite "a few thousand of our closest friends" to join us (that would be YOU, gentle reader.) Read more in our About Us page.

Thanks to everyone who attended or supported Iacon One 2006!
* Guest appearances are subject to change pending other professional/personal commitments.