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2006 EVENT
Souvenir Set

Here at Iacon One HQ, people have been asking about the contents of our mysterious convention Souvenir Accessory Set... so, without further delay, here's a special preview of the pieces from that set!

Now YOU can play out the battle at home for the ultimate prizes - precious artifacts with the power to change the future, and control the destiny of the universe*:

Each set includes 2 disks: the "Voyager" disk and the "Alien" disk. These exquisitely detailed golden disks are made from REAL METAL (a solid brass alloy,) and scaled for play and display with your favorite "beast warriors".

Not only that, but you also get the Disk Projector! This accessory is designed for use with the Transmetal Megatron toy; just swap out the claw on the end of his tail for the projector, and insert either the "Voyager" or "Alien" disk. The projector holds the disk in place for display, and you can spin the disk inside it!

We've teamed up with to produce this extremely limited collector's edition set for Iacon One 2006. These disks are a must have for any "Beast Wars" fan, and quantities are limited, so don't miss your chance to own this marvel of fan engineering! Order yours today with Iacon One registration.

Golden Disks

Disk Projector

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[*Disclaimer: disks are collectible toy accessories and do not actually have the power to change the future, or control the destiny of the universe... or DO they?]

Plus, we're selling Souvenir Art Prints drawn by none other than fan-favorite artist Don Figueroa!

There are 4 images, which COMBINE to form one larger scene - one print will be given to all Iacon One attendee/non-attendee pre-registrants. You can get the other three by purchasing autographs for our voice actor guests -- Venus Terzo, David Sobolov, and Scott McNeil. Here's a special black & white preview:

Keep visiting Iacon One for more previews of these awesome images, and order your attendee/non-attendee convention registration and buy all three autographs today to collect the whole scene!

Thanks to everyone who attended or supported Iacon One 2006!
* Guest appearances are subject to change pending other professional/personal commitments.