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Announcing Bob Budiansky as a Guest at Iacon One!

For immediate release:
April 6, 2006

The Stasis Lock Group proudly announces comic book writer, editor and illustrator BOB BUDIANSKY as a guest at their inaugural show, Iacon One, celebrating the phenomenon of The Transformers, on July 7-8, 2006 at the Grand Wayne Convention Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Bob Budiansky turned his childhood fondness for reading comic books into a 20-year career in the comic book industry. During that time, Bob worked at Marvel Comics as an editor, illustrator, and writer. Although he worked on such titles as Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider and his own creation, Sleepwalker, Bob is perhaps best known for the work he did on The Transformers.

Bob was the editor on the very first Transfomers mini-series in 1984, followed by scripting most of the next 50-plus issues of the monthly Transformers comic book. In between, he named and fashioned character profiles of well over 100 Transformers. He developed story treatments as new lines of Transformers were introduced and occasionally, Bob penciled a Transformers comic book cover or two.

Although his involvement with the Transformers ended in 1989, Bob is somewhat amazed and even more amused that the work he did on the Transformers so many years ago is still kicking around in one form or another today.

These days, Bob spends most of his working hours as a graphic designer. And he still occasionally dabbles as a comic book writer and illustrator.

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Thanks to everyone who attended or supported Iacon One 2006!
* Guest appearances are subject to change pending other professional/personal commitments.