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The Golden Disk Awards is the renamed and revamped version of the "Trannies", the Transformers Fan Choice Awards that originated on the Usenet newsgroup Back in January 1997, Robert A. Jung created the awards to give fans the ability to vote for Best Toy, Worst Toy, Best Cartoon, etc., in the tradition of the "Squiddie" awards. In fact, he even mentions this in his original ballot:

"Yes, folks, it's the Trannies, where Transformers fans worldwide vote for their favorite toys, characters, comics, cartoons, and everything else relating to those giant robots from the planet Cybertron. Stolen shamelessly from rec.arts.comics.misc's Squiddie and Bizzaro Squiddie Awards, the Trannies recognize the fan favorites, the best and the brightest, and the dumbest and the worst."

From 1997 to 2004, Robert created the ballots, tallied the results, and wrote a multi-part awards show, which ultimately led to more and more work every year. You can see the results shows at

In 2005, Robert decided that it was time to pass the baton to someone new, so he could continue his left-wing/Macintosh conspiracy... er, spend less time on the computer and more time with his family.

Philip N. Zeman, Editor-in-Chief of ASM ( decided that the Trannies were too important to just let die, so he volunteered to take over, and then realized that he had no chance of doing all the work himself. So he asked his friend Malin Huffman if he would mind helping out. The two of them started planning a slimmed-down version of the awards but also an easier way for people to complete the ballots and the hosts to organize them.

Then things went to hell for both of them, when Real Life(TM) got in the way. As the year progressed, it became apparent that the Trannies wouldn't happen. However, in December 2005, Malin and Phil decided that the beginning of the year would be a good time to revive the awards, and they started their plans anew. Because a new group was in charge -- and because the old name still incurred some jokes -- they decided to rename the awards "The Golden Disk Awards", based on the discs from the "Beast Wars" television show.

And one thing led to another and suddenly, the idea grew a lot larger. That's how Iacon One came into existence.

** Awards originally known as the Trannies, organized by Robert Jung.
Thanks to everyone who attended or supported Iacon One 2006!
* Guest appearances are subject to change pending other professional/personal commitments.